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Our Classes Make The Difference


Children ages 6 weeks old through 17 months will have a dedicated classroom that engages the child through audio and visual stimulation, colors, letters,  numbers, age-appropriate activities, and reading time.


Toddlers - 3 Years

Children ages 18 months through 3 years old will have a dedicated curriculum designed to teach Reading, Math, Science, and Technology.  Throughout the day, students will engage their worlds through technology, play-time, art, and reading time.

Kindergarten Guide

PK 4/5

Children ages 4 and up have a dedicated curriculum designed to prepare them for Kindergarten.  Through Reading, Writing, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, our PK 4 children will prepare for their educational path with vigor and research-based instructional strategies.

Happy Children

After School Program

Children ages 5 through 12 can join our after school program each day.  With dedicated staff to monitor homework and tutorial needs, our goal is to enrich your child’s educational experience and provide a safe environment for learn and play activities.

Children in School Bus
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